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Susan Etkin became a passionate storywriter when her third-grade teacher, Mrs. Hayes, encouraged her to read aloud her imaginings while she and her classmates waited for the school buses to line-up in the parking lot just outside their classroom.  Her classmates were polite and surprisingly attentive.  No hecklers doused the fires of invention that smoldered inside her.  On the other hand, no applause sounded when she proudly proclaimed, “The End!”


Mrs. Hayes didn’t realize she started Susan on a path that forged her love of books, writing, and in general, learning, formally culminating in a Doctorate in Education earned at the University of Cincinnati.  Informally, she explored her interests in the field of art and design, which led to the establishment of an interior design consulting business and art gallery with a friend having similar interests and talents.  Susan’s background experiences made for an eclectic career that moved back and forth between the fields of education and art and design, prompted by her late husband’s numerous career moves that took the family to four states on the East Coast as well as Ohio.  Currently, Susan devotes the majority of her day to reading and writing short stories and novels, favoring the genres of romance and woman’s fiction.


Her first novel, And Now There’s You, due out in the fall of 2019 [SparkPress], draws heavily on her art and design experiences.  The heroine is Leila Brandt, an attractive and talented interior designer in her mid-fifties who unfortunately has lost her beloved husband to cancer.  The hero, Ayden Doyle, is a multi-talented renaissance man--architect, sculptor, and artist--with noticeable hubris.  Moreover, he’s been single for over twenty-five years.  Yet, when the two meet at a client’s home, something remarkable happens and their story begins.  


Susan has two other novels in the pipeline: The Woodworker, centering on a forbidden relationship between a researcher and one of her subjects, and Rescued, a story concerning a dedicated and married doctor who saves the life of an accident victim--a beautiful, unmarried advertising executive--but not without falling in love with her.  

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